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Monday, June 30, 2014

An Open Letter to Restaurants

An Open Letter to Restaurants

Monday, June 30, 2014

I am not Size 10. I am, at this moment, a Size 2X (18/20). 

What does that have to do with you and your restaurant, you ask? Everything.

You see, I like to go out sometimes with family and friends and have a meal. I DON'T like having to ask for a table because your booths are so poorly placed and spaced that I can't fit in them. 

What? You say it's MY problem because I'm too fat. Golly? I packed 264 pounds on a 5' 3" frame? I had no idea... emoticon What was I thinking?? I'll just go on a diet right now! 


Make some damn room! When my 5' 10", 176 pound husband has trouble sliding in... what's your excuse then? 

Is it really too much to ask that the booths accommodate everyone that wants to eat at your establishment? If you don't want plus-sized customers, just post it on the door. I can find another place to eat. 

Perhaps, you enjoy our embarrassment? It's gives you a thrill to look concerned and sympathetic and ask, "Would you prefer a table"? It leads to the hostess claiming that she "has a cousin who's obese" and she can't fit, either. Yeah... I've heard that story a thousand times. 

Oh well, it does lead to what we "fatties" call a Non-Scale Victory: I fit into a booth today! Yea me! emoticon 

Gosh, do I sound bitter and frustrated??? emoticon 

What about those people who are larger than me? Do you know, do you care, how humiliating it is for them? None of us woke up one morning and decided to become obese. 


It happened and we pay for it daily. 

Your scrunched up booths do nothing but enforce the stereotype that only those of certain sizes are taken into consideration when designing eating establishments. 

To top is off... booths are generally made with padded, comfortable seats. Tables are not. Booths encourage closeness, intimacy, and lingering over a meal. 

Tables are designed to get the customer in and out quickly. There is distance so conversation is at a minimum. 

Ask me how I feel about that. 

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