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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What do you do at Spark People?

What do you do at Spark People?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I've had several people ask me that question. I have many answers. 

I track my weight, my nutrition, my fitness / exercise minutes. I answer trivia questions and take polls. I read health articles and watch motivational videos. I learn. 

I find and create recipes. 

Those things are wonderful to be sure. These are the things that have contributed to my weight loss and my determination to stay on track. They aren't the most important thing. 

The most important thing I've learned and the most important thing I do is participate and connect with fellow sparkers. 

I try to find new members and comment on their blogs and spark pages. I send them goodies with a positive message. 

I want them to know that I'm right here beside them cheering them on. I want my fellow sparkers to succeed. We do not have to take this journey alone. 

This community -- this family -- at Spark People is my inspiration, my comfort, my safe place. I want to share that with others. 

What do I do at Spark People? 

I live.


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