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Friday, August 8, 2014



The longer I am on this journey, the more I believe that you must talk it out. 
By that, I mean that you must share your experiences. Write it down, journal it, blog it... talk about it with friends, relatives, anyone who will lend an ear. 

This is not something easily done alone. We need support. We need encouragement. We need feedback and advice. Yes, we even need constructive criticism. 

It's the hiding away that's caused many of us to gain this weight. We stopped talking about it. We stopped doing anything about it. We shut down and tried to hide from it. 

Those days must come to a stop. We have to learn to admit it, confront it, fight it, and beat it. 

Do you read a lot of weight loss / healthy lifestyle blogs? Do you comment on them? Do you offer your support and advice? 

Has it helped you to lose weight? Has it motivated and inspired you? 

Do you send links to your blog to your friends and family and invite them to cheer you on? 

This can be such a lonely undertaking -- losing weight. While people who have never experienced being overweight cannot understand the struggle, they CAN participate in the journey -- if we let them. 

I hope that I am supportive of others on this journey. I hope that my comments are seen as positive, productive, and caring. 

We can share the joys and triumphs... offer a shoulder... shed a sympathetic tear. Together, we can succeed. 

I wish you all the very best of success on your journey.
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